Congress needs to do what’s best for country, not itself

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As our society becomes more apathetic, due to our government looking out for themselves and not the people of the United States, we will see the country and society become less able to handle or solve its problems.
I just read that the “Super Committee” couldn’t come to an agreement on what or where to cut spending to get to the $1.2 trillion they were expected to achieve, so they just go on to say they can’t settle this and walk away from their responsibility to the country.
I personally find this disgusting. If everyone handles difficult situations like this, we will never get back to being the country we once were.
The men and women of our Congress and our president were elected to do what’s best for the country, not what’s best for them as individuals.
I’m not saying their jobs are easy, but the concept is very simple: Quit thinking as individuals and think in terms of the country!
So, you can’t agree on $1.2 trillion, maybe $750 billion is a reachable amount. Something is better than nothing.
Not to mention the fact that this problem is too big to think it will just go away; we have to start somewhere.

Tom Anderson
Indian Land