Confusion runs amok in presidential race

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By W.B. Evans

The Founding Fathers set down guidelines for our nation. Although, they adhered to Christian principles, they also emphasized "liberty and justice for all" and “freedom of religion.“ Over the years, efforts were instigated to specify just who liberty and justice should relate to. Religious freedom removed any form of "state religion" giving us the right to "bow to our maker in any way or form we felt comfortable. Now, it seems we are moving toward freedom from religion.

As our current presidential campaign rolls along, the religious background or convictions of all candidates is under scrutiny. We want our choice to be of good character and possess an acceptable religion. Now, what is acceptable? It must be one you feel comfortable with. One which the elected official does not demand we convert to. A religion not dictated by those who openly oppose our form of government.

Once, we have satisfied the religious question, what else? A good speaker full of promises without any published plans; a candidate with the correct racial profile; a candidate of the correct gender; a candidate of the acceptable sexual persuasion; a candidate familiar with the Washington merry-go-round and the "in" folks; someone with a military background, considered essential, to become commander in chief; the holder of a big stick who would prefer dialog to advert confrontation, within reason; a candidate who speaks to and for the American people in understandable terms; a candidate who declares to do something to bring about reasonable energy prices; a candidate who will actively investigate the excessive salaries of industry leaders rewarded huge sums on the backs of foreclosures and unreasonable credit practices; a candidate who will send people back to work rather than to war. Someone who will promote "Made in the U.S.A." as a symbol of quality on all goods for consumption by American citizens.

After we have made our choice, will our vote really count? Super delegates, the Electoral College and millions of taxpayer supplemented dollars will decide the winner. The chosen one will guide us for four years amounting to one year of feeling things out and three years of campaigning for reelection.

Am I the only confused voter? Or was this a master plan worked out in some back office amid a cloud of cigar smoke generated by donkeys and elephants huddled together singing "My, My American Pie, don't drive your Chevy down to the levee cause the price of gas is too high?"Besides, somebody is supposed to be rebuilding the levees before we move folks outta them FEMA trailers.

W.B. Evans