Compromise on tower a winning solution

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By The Staff

Ever since the announcement that a new water tower would be built near the Indian Land schools, there has been controversy surrounding it.

First, people were concerned about the safety of the 1-million-gallon elevated storage tank because of its proximity to the elementary and middle schools.

Then, once construction got under way, it was labeled a “landmark wart” by Scott Bruntmyer, who lives in the Lakeview Landing neighborhood, which has, unfortunately, a clear view of the tower.

Late last year, there was a renewed effort to get Lancaster County Water and Sewer District to allow the community to put something on it that would identify Indian Land or the local schools. A request made when the tower was first announced had been turned down.

But David Freeman led a petition drive that he says garnered close to 1,400 signatures, asking for some kind of identifier on the tower – “Indian Land” or “Home of the Warriors.”

And it looks like that effort will pay off.

Last week, LCWSD director Mark Knight said he plans to suggest a policy change to the water and sewer board, recommending that the district include the name of the community in which each tower sits as part of the tower’s paint design.

Knight said the water and sewer district would pay for the painting, which would be done as part of each tower’s regular upkeep.

Because the Indian Land tower has not yet been painted, it would be the first to get its name emblazoned on it.

While this proposal won’t get the Indian Land High School arrowhead or Warrior emblem on the tank, it will go a long way toward letting people know they are in Indian Land, not south Charlotte, Ballantyne or Fort Mill.

And the fact that the water and sewer district would pick up the tab – estimated at $5,000 to $10,000 every 10 years – makes this a winning solution all the way around.

It’s easy to say that some group in the community would pony up for that at the outset, but it gets more difficult as time goes on and costs escalate.

 We encourage the Lancaster County Water and Sewer board of commissioners to give this idea its stamp of approval at next week’s meeting.

Not only would this change make most Indian Land residents happier with their new water tower, but it would make residents throughout the county happy as well.