Community effort needed for USCL strategic plan

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By The Staff

I read with interest your article of last week concerning Dr. John Catalano, dean at the University of South Carolina at Lancaster and his great plans for enhancing that institution's collegiate atmosphere, something we've needed for half a century now.

And if anyone can do it, John can. He and I were office mates (of sorts) for some 20 years before my retirement. Believe me, over a period of 20 years, you get to know someone very well. Believe me, John was always far too lively to be the "teacher's pet." The trips he made to the office were not to receive awards.

I noticed during my lengthy career that many academics, having lived in the classroom (a protected environment since they were 5 years old) seem to lack emotional maturity. But John worked for many years in the real world before he decided to return to college for his Ph.D. Thus, he never comes on like one of those academics, who will talk you around and around in circles before leaving you wondering why you came to see him in the first place. Instead, he talks to you like a real down to earth person, like someone you'd meet in the real world. I've spoken to John about his plans for dorms at USCL, something we've always needed. Commuter colleges are fine, but they do lack that college atmosphere. (How, for example, do commuters organize panty raids?)

And he's also taking steps to establish athletic teams that will be ready for competition next year. Such teams will do wonders for both our atmosphere and increasing our enrollment.

I just hope the community will recognize and appreciate John's efforts.

If we all pull together, we can have an even better college here in Lancaster.

John Griffin