Commending sheriff’s office

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Is his name Vince Lambardi, Bear Bryant or maybe Dale Earnhardt? He’s not a famous football coach or seven-time
NASCAR champion.
No, his name is Barry Faile, sheriff of Lancaster County.
I have heard people say “there goes Lancaster’s finest” in a sarcastic tone when a deputy rode by, followed with a whisper, “what a joke – they’re nothing.”
It looks like the joke is on us. Just as it takes a well-oiled team to accomplish what the three men above accomplished. They are known as the best of the best.
I am proud to say the members of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office, in my eyes, are the best of the best.
Congratulations, Sheriff Faile for putting such a great team together.
The sarcastic remarks and jokes must stop now. I want everyone to remember this day.
When you say “there goes Lancaster’s finest,” please say it with sincerity. Thank you, Sheriff Faile, for your being a team leader. Thank you, officers for your commitment and loyalty to the betterment of mankind. Thank you, Lord, for this team.
The sheriff’s office is to be commended for the apprehension of the robbery and shooting suspect from the Shrimp Boat.

Gerald Faile