Come out and support the Warriors basketball

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I have followed Indian Land High School Warriors sports since the late 1960s, playing high school football in the late ’70s, so I am very passionate about their success. As far as I know, there has never been a men’s team sport to win a state championship. I am proud of the girls’ nine state softball championships, but it is past time for our boys’ team to hoist a banner.
I have really enjoyed watching this year’s edition of Warrior basketball; they are very exciting. I don’t want to make any predictions and put any bad luck on our boys, but they don’t have but a couple of more home games before the playoffs begin, so if you want to see some really good basketball, you better hurry on down.
It’s well worth the $5 admission price. Plus, last Friday night, athletic director Michael Mayer hit three free throws in 30 seconds and Shane’s Rib Shack gave everyone in attendance a chance to buy its jumbo barbecue sandwich for $1 and a coupon for a free dessert, making the game admission almost free.
One of Indian Land’s several fast food restaurants need to sponsor a game and give all attendees a free sandwich if the Warriors score 100 points. The coach has been holding them back all year, but I believe they could go for 100 if they wanted to, which, for eight-minute quarters, would be impressive.
If the Warriors finally win a state championship after more than 75 years of trying and you miss it, don’t blame me.
Go, Warriors!

Mack McDonald
Indian Land