Column: Reporter finds news of bin Laden saga intriguing

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Columnist Jesef Williams is a staff writer for The Lancaster News.

The TV was on, my laptop computer was running and my cell phone was receiving dozens of text messages by the hour. These forms of communication, along with a few others, have been employed heavily in recent days as I’ve immersed myself in the news coverage of Osama bin Laden’s death.
I was at home surfing the Internet the night of May 1 when a few Facebook friends said President Barack Obama would soon be addressing the nation regarding a “national-security issue.”
I was completely shocked to hear news leaks indicating U.S. special forces had located and killed bin Laden, who had been the country’s most-wanted person for nearly 10 years.
Since then, online social media and television news have been abuzz, and I’ve been there every step of the way, keeping up with the developments.
I find myself staying up late at night reading articles online, watching news reports and chatting with friends about the developments. It’s hard to remember an incident that has grabbed and held my attention more than the bin Laden ordeal.
Perhaps one reason is that I’m on both ends of the news spectrum. One instant I’m checking for the latest reports and then the next moment I’m working on my own story that gives the news a Lancaster County focus.
And as I’ve gathered and disseminated news, I realize people are continuing to ask  questions, many of which take on the nature of conspiracy theories.
“Is the government lying about bin Laden’s death?”
“Was that now-iconic ‘Situation Room’ picture showing the president and other top officials staged?”
“Will there be retaliation from al-Qaeda?”
“Is it good or bad for the United States to celebrate someone’s death?”
“Is the country any safer now?”
“Who were the Navy SEALs who executed the mission?”
“Was the Pakistani government involved in any way?”
“Why won’t the president release photos of bin Laden’s corpse?”
Regardless of what you think about each of these issues, one thing is clear: The news of bin Laden’s death has sparked debate among people from all sectors of society.
And how could you not be engaged? There have been elements of suspense, strife, patriotism, death, celebration, fear and speculation.
I’ve been so attached to the news that one night I opted to watch bin Laden commentary rather than the hotly contested NBA playoff game between the Boston Celtics and Miami Heat – and I’m one of the biggest basketball fanatics you will ever meet!
After I finish writing this, I’ll be going home to turn on my TV to check out the news.  
However, by the time you read this, more developments will have come forth. News keeps on breaking and talking heads keep on talking.
Let’s stay tuned.