Color explosion: VIncents' Camp Creek Road yard a sea of brilliant shades

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By Sherry Archie

With an entire yard filled with brilliant color, it's easy to see how the home of Ray and Margie Vincent at 2469 Camp Creek Road received the designation of May Yard of the Month by the Lancaster Council of Garden Clubs.

The Vincents will receive a $25 gift certificate, compliments of Ace Hardware and Garden Center of Lancaster.

Thirty-seven years ago, the Vincents purchased the former home of Margie's late mother.

Back then, the house and yard were a lot different than they appear today. One of the first changes they made was bricking the entire house. A double carport, porches and sun decks were also added.

Then the Vincents directed their attention to their bare yard.

It's not bare anymore.

Today, their yard is alive with color. By mixing perennials and annuals, Margie has found the secret to having year-round blooms.

"My goal was to have something blooming in my yard throughout the seasons. By using perennials and filling in with seasonal annuals, I have been able to do it," she said.

The house is surrounded by tall oak trees that allow plenty of morning sunshine to penetrate the front yard.

Bright yellow snapdragons contrast sharply with gerbera daisies in a variety of primary colors, with fluffy white blooms of candytuft and mounds of thrift nestled beside the front porch.

A black iron plant stand (one of several) is surrounded by a lavender flowering clematis vine. The stand holds several hanging baskets overflowing with the colorful blooms and foliage of annuals.

Rocking chairs and a bench invite guests to sit down, relax and enjoy the view from the front porch. Boston ferns flank the front door, while baskets laden with petunias bring soft color to the setting.

Nearby, ornamental planters hold varieties of angel-winged begonias.

A birdbath centers a small bed of pansies and Shasta daisies. A split-rail fence separates the front and backyards.

Here, an English snowball bush, along with yellow rose bushes, yellow jasmine, candytuft and day lilies display their blooms and foliage.

Redbud trees display new spring leaves, while a nearby bud-filled magnolia is almost ready to provide a show of its own.

On the left side of the house is a bed filled with 25 rose bushes that offer another colorful display of yellows, reds, whites, salmon and pinks. Irises showing their final spring petals border the rose bed.

In the backyard, bright red velvety amaryllis command attention in a center bed. A swing offers another place to relax with a great view of the hydrangea bushes nearby.

According to Margie, all one needs to keep plants healthy is water, mulch and fertilizer. She is careful to provide the right balance. The results are evident throughout her beautiful yard.