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Racing Roundup

By Michael Knight

 Lancaster Super Speedway featured some of its top action of the season Saturday, May 10. The Pro Street division featured a Timbo Mangum vs Brandy Baker battle. The sage drivers battled for the lead, with clean, tight driving.

LSS also drew a newcomer as No. 26 Brandon White, who normally races at East Lincoln Speedway, joined the field after a ELS rainout. White made his presence known in the heat race when he and Brandy Baker got into it on the back straightaway after the race.

When the green flag fell in the main, Mangum and Baker went at it. Nearly all race long these two legendary drivers raced side-by-side for the lead. White, in his first LSS visit, was right with them.

The race had the fans on their feet all race long as Baker looked under Mangum lap after lap only to see Mangum power back by on the outside.

During the race’s late stages, something broke on Baker’s car, forcing Baker to the pits. Mangum took the Pro Street win. Top five: Mangum, White, Robbie Aldridge, Andrew Baker and Johnny Starkey.

u In the Crate Sportsman main, “The Man of Steele,” Chris Steele made his LSS return Saturday night.

At the green, Steele and Benji Knight battled for the lead.

During the opening laps, a huge pile-up in turns three and four caused numerous drivers to pit. On the restart, Steele and Bryan Mullis battled for the lead while Hank Taylor began to work his way through the field from sixth place.

Taylor wasn’t the only driver working his way through the field as Steven Saucier (starting eighth) Brent Hodges (10th starting) and Brandy Kirk (14th starting) drove hard.

Once Taylor caught Steele and Mullis, the race for first was a three-car battle.

Steele was first, with Mullis and Taylor swapping second. Behind them it was Saucier and Hodges and Kirk battling for fourth.

Steele held the lead over Taylor and Mullis. Once Talyor got around Mullis for second, he set his sights on Steele. Mullis spun out and pitted. When the race restarted, Steele and Taylor continued their battle for first, while Saucier, Hodges and Kirk battled for third.

During the race’s late stages, Taylor and Steele raced hard entering turn three. In the middle of turns three and four, Steele spun out and was sent to the rear.

When the race restarted, Taylor prevailed for his third straight win.

Top 5: Taylor, Saucier, Brent Hodges, Brady Kirk and Ronnie Mosley

u In the Super Street main event, “Burn ‘Em Down” Steve Hinson and Travis Mosley put on an epic show for the fans. It was a great race. On the start, Hinson and Andrew Baker were on the front row, but once the green flag dropped it was Hinson and Mosley battling for the lead.

As the laps ticked off, Mosley was all over Hinson’s bumper, diving below him on every lap and seeking that much-needed run out of the turns to pass Hinson.

Hinson powered back by on the outside every single time. These two fine drivers raced each other clean all race long. On the final lap, Mosley gave his all, but Hinson won. Top five: Hinson, Mosley, Ryan Whitaker, James Marion and Andrew Baker.

u In the M&M Garage Extreme 4 main, David Laney posted a hard-fought win.

On the start, Joseph Laney and David “Porkchop” Motes battled for the lead.

Joseph Laney held the lead, but it was a dogfight for second between Motes, David Laney, Scott Cloninger, Mel Privette, Scott Barrett and Chris Meadows.

These six drivers were all over each other for second. At one point exiting turn four coming down the front straight, it was three-four wide for second while Joseph Laney had the lead.

Once David Laney took second, he set his sights on Joseph Laney for the lead.

David Laney used up every inch of the track and these Extreme 4 drivers did some NASCAR-style drafting going down the long straightaways.

David Laney made his move on Joseph Laney for the lead during the race’s late stages and went on to take the exciting Extreme 4 main. Top five: David Laney, Joseph Laney, Motes, Cloninger and Barrett

u In the U.S. Bonding Vintage division main event, it was all about the true power of the No. 5 Mustang of Mike Huey as he put on a show.

At the start, it was Mike Huey and “The Big Show” Kenneth Deese battling for the lead.

During the early stages, Deese and Huey made contact on the back straightaway.

This caused both drivers to spin out in front of the Swankyville Tower. Huey was sent to the rear, but didn’t stay long.

When the race started, Deese, Ben Helms, Marty Spittle and Mike Helms battled for the lead.

At one point during the four-car battle for the lead, all four cars’ bumpers were touching each other entering turn four almost like they were hooked together.

While these four great drivers battled for the lead, the man on a mission and showing the true power of his No. 5 Mustang was Mike Huey.

Huey roared down the straightaways, picking off drivers. By this time, Deese spun to cause a caution and the lead trio was Ben Helms, Mike Helms and Marty Spittle. Huey lurked behind them.

When the green fell to restart the race, Huey wasted little time in getting by Spittle. He then set his sights on Mike Helms.

Huey and Mike Helms made contact as Huey came out of turn two and went to the high side trying to pass Mike Helms.

The two drivers made contact, causing Huey to hit the outside wall on the back straightaway, but Huey didn’t let off the gas and kept going while passing Mike Helms and setting his sights on Ben Helms. Huey ran down Ben Helms and made his move to take the popular win.

Once Huey left his car in victory lane, he heard the fans’ roar of approval. Top 5: Huey, Ben Helms, Mike Helms, Joe Howie and Johnny Starkey.

u In the SECA Crate Late Model main, Ron “The Bull” Parker and fastest qualifier Gib Gibbons were on the front row, while the $500 bounty man Steve Banal and Ross “Hells” Bailes were on row two.

At the green, Parker took the lead over Gibbons, Banal and Bailes.

As the laps passed, Parker built his lead over second-place Gibbons.

In the late stages, a scary wreck saw Timbo Mangum hit the outside wall in turns three and four to cause his T1 ride to flip.

Mangum was OK and walked away from the wreck.

When the race restarted, it was all Parker taking the win on his first trip of the 2014 season to LSS. Parker collected the $500 Banal bounty sponsored by Eric Montgomery Towing.

Top five: Parker, Gibbons, Banal, Bailes and Josh Langley.

On Saturday night, May 17, LSS will host seven exciting racing divisions, including the SECA Crate Late Models, Pro Street, Crate Sportsman, Super Street, U.S. Bonding Vintage, RWD4 and M&M Garage Extreme 4.

Pit gates open at 4 p.m. and the grandstands at 5. Pit admission prices are $20 and $12 for the grandstands. If you missed any action from Saturday, May 10, visit Jackie Sims at the track Saturday night.

Sims will have DVDs for sale for $10, or message him on facebook for your copy.

To discuss on-track action, or your favorite driver, visit www.Dirtracefans.com or the track’s facebook group pages. To learn more about Lancaster Super Speedway, visit http://www.lancastersuperspeedway.com