Clinton Elementary School students caught with pot

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By Reece Murphy

Two Clinton Elementary School students, ages 10 and 11, were suspended last month for possession of marijuana that one of them stole from his mother.

According to an incident report, the school’s principal notified the Lancaster Police Department about 9:15 a.m. Jan. 23 after a staff member told her the older of the two students “had something he shouldn’t have.” 

The “something” turned out to be 3.6 grams of marijuana, which the student turned over immediately upon being asked, along with an explanation that he got the pot from his friend on the school bus.

The 10-year-old first told school officials and police he found the small bag of marijuana on the way to the bus stop and that he didn’t know what it was. He said he gave it to the older boy “because he asked for it,” the report said. 

At some point, one of the officers told the others the boy’s mother had called the school earlier that morning wanting to speak with her son, who was pulled from class and allowed to use the phone. 

Though it was not immediately clear how the school official knew it, the report said she told the investigating officer that during the phone call the boy’s mother asked if he knew where her purse, keys and marijuana was.

With that, the 10-year old boy reportedly got upset. When questioned again about where he got the marijuana, the report said he admitted taking it from the nightstand beside his mother’s bed.

According to the report, the 11-year old boy’s guardian came to pick him up from school. Officers took the younger boy to the Municipal Justice Center since they couldn’t get in touch with his mother or stepfather.

The 10-year old boy’s mother finally came to pick him up at the MJC about two hours later, just before Department of Social Services officials came to take the boy.

Lancaster County School District Safety Director Bryan Vaughn said in keeping with district policy for their ages and offense, the boys were given temporary suspensions, which under district guidelines would allow them to return to school and finish the school year.

It was still not immediately clear if the boy’s mother was charged for the incident, though officers in the report told the mother DSS may contact her about the situation. 

The report said officers placed the marijuana into evidence to be destroyed and cleared the case without filing charges against the boys.


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