Civil rights not afforded to true victims

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By The Staff

I am writing regarding the article “Group wants to ensure teen gets fair shake” in the Oct. 3 edition of The Lancaster News.

I’m glad I was sitting down when I read about this organization that will start a support group, find a lawyer and conduct a civil rights investigation.

Well, bless his burn-down-the-courthouse, point-a-gun-in-a-few-people’s-faces, assault, kidnap and leave-an-elderly-lady-in-the-trunk-of-a-car heart.

What about them? They are the ones, the victims here that need support. They are the ones who I’m sure, live in fear. They are the ones who can’t sleep at night and have nightmares. They are the ones who will be looking over their shoulders for a long time. What about them? Where’s their support group?

It’s sad this day and age that whenever certain individuals are arrested for crimes committed, these people, these groups cry “civil rights.” This isn’t about civil rights. It’s about someone who doesn’t belong on our streets.

Would it be the right thing for Mr. Sharpton’s group to also cover the expense of the employees who were out of work due to the arson? Yes it would. Will they?

What about the taxpayers and the tens of thousands of dollars it’s going to cost us? What about the medical bills now and the ones to come later due to the assaults? What about the expense for the deputies who had to work so much overtime? What group will help with these? Mr. Sharpton’s? Don’t think so.

I commend our law enforcement, the federal authorities and all the others who stopped these crimes and caught this individual responsible for these senseless acts before more were committed or worse before someone was killed.

As I continued to read the article it spoke of another group, “thug.” Well, plain and simple, “if the shoe fits.”

It seems to me that Mr. Sharpton’s group implies that Mr. Carter is the victim here – wrong.

William K. Wright