City sewer crews start work on Grace Avenue

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Routine maintenance shouldn’t impact service, traffic

By Denyse Clark

If you live or travel on Grace Avenue, ongoing maintenance projects are scheduled for the next two months but none of the work will adversely affect the public, a city official said. 

“We’re doing our annual maintenance in that area,” said Jerry Crockett, public works director for the city of Lancaster. 

The annual maintenance includes testing of sewer lines for leaks as well as other routine issues,  he said. 

During the testing process, a “smoke test” will be conducted which consists of a smoke bomb being dropped into the sewer system to determine leaks, Crockett said. 

Due to the type of testing,  Crockett forewarned the public of what they can anticipate.

“The neighborhood may see smoke in their yard during our smoke tests and contractors will be in the streets,” he said. “This work could last up to eight weeks.”

Crockett said the testing will not affect the day-to-day activities of neighbors nor motorists in the Grace Avenue area.

“I don’t foresee any interruptions of (utility) services or traffic problems,” he said.

If problems are encountered or for more information, please contact Crockett at (803) 285-9431.


Contact reporter Denyse Clark at (803) 283-1152