City firefighters to the rescue

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Nita Brown
For the Lancaster News
The Lancaster City Fire Department came to the rescue in a different way for YouthBuild and Habitat for Humanity of Lancaster County on Friday, June 1. Hoping to beat the ugly weather forecast, a team of 15 city firefighters, working as volunteers, showed up early at the Meeting Street job site to set roof trusses on the new home under construction.
YouthBuild project superintendent, Dennis Melton, and his young students had prepped the job and marked locations, so the fire department made short work of setting trusses in place, bracing and adding sheathing to stabilize the job against possible bad weather.
Firefighter Jody Whitfield said the firefighters had done this sort of work before, and most have construction skills.
“One’s been in construction, another is an electrician, and all of us are dyed-in-the-wool do-it-yourselfers,” Whitfield said.
Department training captain Danny Deese organized the team. Participants included: engineer Robert Couch; engineer Lamar Lambert, Capt. Tony Gainer, Capt. Bobby Knight, Lt. Jason Laney, Lt. David Melton and firefighters Troy Robinson, Ben Rowell, Allen Lloyd, Brandon Thompson, Alfrick Seegars, Jay Rivers, Jody Whitfield, Thomas Hagwood and Jeremy Sims.
YouthBuild project manager, Len Moorefield, said she was grateful for such a large team coming to help. Habitat Board President Pamela Giardiello and Vice President John Troutman went to the site to personally thank the team.