City firefighters to begin hydrant testing

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Lancaster Fire Department

Lancaster Fire Department
The Lancaster Fire Department will begin its semi-annual fire hydrant testing throughout the corporate city limits on Monday, April 1.
The testing will continue through the end of May.
All city fire hydrants will be tested to ensure they operate properly and produce the required water pressure when needed.
Since this process must be done during normal operating hours, it’s impossible to know in advance just when or where the testing will take place in specific areas.
Opening hydrants can sometime cause temporary discoloration of water in homes near the testing areas.
This discoloration is not harmful in any way and can be cleared up by running the water for a few minutes.
Motorists are urged to drive slowly and carefully through the testing areas since many streets will be saturated with water.
Also, please be on guard to watch out for firefighters who may be conducting the tests.
If you have concerns or questions, contact Lancaster Fire Department Battalion Chief Justin McLellan at (803) 283-4385.