City awaits word on funding for projects

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By Jesef Williams

The city of Lancaster is awaiting word on which of its roads will be picked for repairs.

In late March, Jerry Crockett, the city’s public works director, submitted a list of roads to the County Transportation Committee (CTC) and Lancaster County public works for resurfacing.

The CTC is appointed by the state legislative delegation and decides which roads throughout the county will receive improvements funded by the state gas tax.

Jeff Catoe, Lancaster County’s assistant public works director, said the county usually receives about $1 million from that fund.

One-fourth of the total has to be spent on state-maintained roads while the remaining money goes toward county or city roads and streets.

Since two of Lancaster County’s districts contain the city, the county asks city officials to supply a prioritized list of roads they would like to see resurfaced.

The city submitted the following state-maintained roads (in order of priority): Springs Street, Clark Place, Taylor Street, Azalea Road and Hughes Street.

The city-maintained streets submitted are: Wilson Drive, Frank Street, Hood Street and Hardin Street.

City Administrator Helen Sowell this list is merely a suggestion. The CTC has the final say in which roads get selected.

“There’s no guarantee for any of them,” Sowell said.

Funding, selection and scheduling

Each year, the city receives $50,000 from the county to go toward road improvements. That money is often added to a project that has been selected and funded by the CTC.

Catoe said he expects to hear back from the CTC sometime this month about which roads were selected.

In the past, about 10 percent of the roads submitted are chosen, Catoe said.

His hope is for bids for the road work to go out by mid-July or early August and for the work to be completed by Nov. 1.

“The scheduling is definitely tentative,” Catoe said. “The game plan is to have things done before winter sets in.”

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