Citizens deserve better from judges

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To all of our so-called district judges – your system of dealing out justice sucks.
Once again, we read in The Lancaster News where another career violent criminal is set loose to do more violent crimes – even more violent crimes than the ones before.
The article about the Samuel thug (Markevious Demond Samuel) being out of jail after being convicted on so may previous counts of violent crimes makes me and every other Lancaster County citizen sick to our stomachs.
Do these idiot judges not get it? If you don’t make their punishment harsh enough to make them at least remember that they were actually jailed for the crime, they literally laugh at the thought of doing another crime and doing hard time for it.
If I were running this state, I would probably fire half of the circuit judges in this state and probably all of them in Lancaster County’s district.
If they can’t do the job that we, as taxpayers and voters (attention: Gov. Nikki Haley), expect, then get another job.
If we need more personnel to clear out our already backed-up dockets, then hire them. If we need larger jails and prisons to put them in, let’s do it.
If you ask how, let’s add a 5-cent additional gas tax on a gallon of gas. The state could allocate this money to counties as deemed appropriate. I know none of us like paying anymore taxes, but we’ve got to do something.
Living your life filled with fear every time you leave your house and wondering if your wife or kids will make it back without being robbed, raped or even killed, isn’t a life.
I’m the one who feels like I’m in prison.
By the way, thank you, sheriff’s deputies and city police officers, for doing your jobs.
It’s way past time for our judges to lay down some real time spent for these thugs and stop this spanking-the-hand mess. Get serious or get out. We deserve better.

Sonny Plyler