Cigarette smoke leads deputies to fugitive

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Escapee Anthony Vincent found hiding in vacant First Street house closet

By Reece Murphy

The smell of cigarette smoke led deputies to an escaped Lancaster County Detention Center inmate Monday, Dec. 16, who walked away from a work detail near the Lancaster Golf Club on Dec. 3.


According to a Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office press release, deputies found 22-year-old Anthony Scott Vincent hiding in an unoccupied house on First Street with his girlfriend, Candace Crawford, 26, of 105 S. Jackson Road. 

First Street is off Landsford Road in the Midway area near the demolished Springs Global Lancaster Plant.

The release said authorities had  suspicions Vincent may have been hiding out in the area. 

The detectives’ hunches paid off when they smelled cigarette smoke while searching one of the homes in the neighborhood.

“Vincent and his girlfriend were found hiding in the closet,” the release said.

Vincent was charged with escape and Crawford was charged with harboring an escaped convict.

Both are jailed at the county detention center. Vincent’s bond has been set at $50,000 surety with proof and Crawford’s bond amount is $25,000 surety with proof.

Vincent, whose last known address was South Jackson Road, walked away from a trash pickup detail on Old Charles Street off Airport Road, approximately two miles from where he was eventually arrested.

On the day of the escape, sheriff’s deputies and SLED agents launched an extensive  manhunt of the area in, and around, Lancaster Golf Club with patrol vehicles, a helicopter and thermal imaging devices after dark, to no avail.

Vincent had just started serving a 30-day sentence Dec. 1, after a bench trial for failure to comply related to an original charge of non-aggravated breach of peace, both misdemeanors.

Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said Vincent was eligible for the work detail due to the non-violent nature of his conviction.

However, Vincent now faces one to 15 years in prison for felony escape, per state law. Crawford faces up to 10 years in prison for helping him.

The day after the escape, Faile said though Vincent had not been caught that day, he had no doubt his deputies would eventually find him.

“We never gave up looking for him,” Faile said. “Our deputies did a great job getting him back into custody.

“It’s kind of ironic because prior to him escaping, Vincent would have been released Saturday (Dec. 14),” Faile said.


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