Chester sheriff vows to keep deputy in Great Falls area

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By Nancy Parsons

GREAT FALLS – Chester County Sheriff Alex Underwood is standing true to one of his campaign promises.

He is keeping a deputy in the Great Falls area at all times.

The area, Underwood said, includes communities surrounding Great Falls such as Youngstown and Georgetown.

“We're giving 24-hour coverage to Great Falls,” Underwood said. “We've had an officer in the Great Falls area 24 hours a day since Day One.”

The sheriff said there may be times when more than one deputy will be patrolling the area. Great Falls, the sheriff said, is part of Chester County just like Fort Lawn, Thompson Quarters, Edgemoor and other areas.

“Great Falls is still part of Chester County. I feel it has kinda been forgotten in a sense,” Underwood said.

The deputies don’t have a substation in Great Falls. Instead, they work out of their patrol cars.

Underwood said he asked dispatchers to provide the county unit with the same information when dispatching a call to Great Falls police.

He wants the officer aware in case a town officer needs assistance.

“We're there and we will serve as back-up for Great Falls,” Underwood said.

Underwood, a resident of the Cornwell community near Blackstock, said he rarely saw a patrol car in his area.

“But I see them now,” he said.

Underwood said Chester County Sheriff's Office deputies have responded to domestic, trespassing, a suspicious person and vandalism calls in the Great Falls area. The sheriff said he provided back-up for a Great Falls officer on a domestic call.

Underwood recommends Great Falls residents who need an officer call Great Falls police first. If you are outside the town limits and need an officer, you can call the sheriff's office or 911, or you can stop a Great Falls police officer and he'll pass the call information on to county authorities.

Underwood said he would like to see the three-mile radius established between his office and Great Falls police.

“People shouldn't have to wait on an officer,” he said.