Chester deputies seize video gaming machines

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By Nancy Parsons

RICHBURG – Authorities seized two illegal video poker machines from Great Falls Mart (formerly The Home Place) on March 6.

Chester County Sheriff’s Office Maj. Mary Anne Tolbert said the machines were similar to the “old timely” Kino machines.

The report said deputies spoke to a 58-year-old Fort Lawn woman who told them that she put $40 in a video poker machine and won $880.

According to a police incident report, the store manager paid the woman $500. When the woman told the manager she wanted the rest of her winnings, he refused  to give her any more money because pay outs are illegal.

The woman told the officer that she wanted him to make the manager pay her the rest of her winnings.

According to the report, the deputy spoke with the store manager who told him the woman won on the machine.

The manager told police that he could not pay her any money. He said the woman got upset and he gave her $500 so she would leave.

The officer told the woman he couldn’t make the store manager give her any money and that he should not have paid her anything.

The woman was upset that deputies would not make the manager give her more money, the report said.

Tolbert said Shannon Munn of Kershaw owns the machines.

“Charges are pending,” Tolbert said.

Tolbert said the video poker machine seizure is the first of its kind for the Sheriff's Office this year.
According to the report, the machines are valued at $3,000 and $170 in cash was seized.