'Cheeseburger' Mullis top dog in taking first Crate Sportsman win

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Racing report

By Michael Knight



Bryan “Cheeseburger” Mullis captured his first-ever win in the Crate Sportsman Division to highlight racing action at Lancaster Motor Speedway on Saturday night.

Mullis and the “Buford Bandit,” Kevin Blackwell were on the front row when the green flag dropped to start the race.

Mullis, Blackwell, Brandy Baker and Josh Langley battled for the lead entering turn one. Exiting turn two, Blackwell led over Mullis, Baker and Langley.

This is when the race of the night got started between Blackwell and Mullis.

Mullis looked under Blackwell lap after lap. Coming out of turn two and four, Mullis dove below Blackwell only to see Blackwell pull back by him using the outside line.

As the laps ticked off, the driver on a mission was Andrew Baker, who worked his way through the field from starting eighth.

As the laps began to wind down, Blackwell developed problems with this car and pitted. He returned to the field in the rear.

When the race restarted, it was Mullis with the lead over Brandy Baker. Mullis pulled away from the field to take the win.

The battle for second coming to the checkered flag was between the father-son duo of Brandy Baker and Andrew Baker. Exiting turn four, Andrew Baker pulled along side of Brandy Braker and drag raced him to the checkered flag where Andrew Baker edged his dad. Top 5: Mullis, Andrew Baker, Brandy Baker, Jeffrey McGuirt and Austin Baker.

u In the Super Street main, the front row was Matt Cauthen and Jody Bigham. When the green fell, Cauthen, Bigham, Timbo Mangum and Johnny Starkey battled for the lead entering turn one.

Exiting turn two, Bigham led Mangum, but the driver on a mission from his fifth starting position was “The Gambler,” Brandy Baker.

Baker wasted little time in working his way up to the front.

As Bigham began to pull away from the field, Baker and Mangum began a heated battle for second. All eyes were on Baker and Mangum. Midway through the race, Baker and Mangum made contact with each other in turn two to send both drivers spinning out.

This sent Mangum pitside, but Mangum returned to the rear of the field.

When the race restarted, Bigham led over Baker. As Bigham began to pull away from Baker, all eyes were on Mangum as he worked his way through the field back to the front.

Back up front, Bigham took the checkers to take his sixth win to continue his breakout season. Top 5: Bigham, Baker, Mangum, Cauthen and Kevin Godbee.

u In the Pure Street main, it was Jesse Carson and Steve Hinson on the front row.

When the green waved, Carson, Hinson, Robbie Helms and Cody Honeycutt battled for the lead entering turn one.

Exiting turn two, Hinson led over Carson, Helms and Honeycutt.

Hinson and Carson battled hard for the lead. As the laps passed, Hinson and Carson pulled away from the field. Carson looked under Hinson in every turn, only to see Hinson power back by on the outside. Midway through the race coming down the front straightaway, Carson had a flat tire, and as Carson entered turn one, the rest of the field had no place to go and Helms hit Carson in the rear.

This caused a pile-up in turn one.

When the race restarted, Hinson led over Helms. For the rest of the race, it was all Hinson as he posted his fourth win. Top 5: Hinson, Helms, ninth-starting Peter Gibbons third, 11th-starting Elliott Miller fourth and 10th-starting Matt Harris fifth.

u In the NDRA GM Performance Late Models, the front row was Steve Banal and the “Rock Hill Bad Boy,” Ben Watkins. When the green fell, it was Banal, Watkins, Anthony Sanders and Timbo Mangum  battling for the lead entering turn one.

A caution occurred in turn one and two when Watkins slipped high in the turn and come to a stop. When the race restarted, it was Banal, Mangum, Sanders and Robbie Aldridge battling for the lead entering turn one. Exiting turn two, Banal led, with Mangum and Sanders giving chase. As the laps ticked off, Banal kept putting distance between him and the rest of the field.

As Banal was pulling away, all eyes were on the battle for third between Sanders and Watkins.

These two fine drivers put on a show for third.

Watkins drove his car hard into the turns under Sanders, but Sanders used the high line in his favor and used the speed to power back by Watkins.

Exiting the turns, these two great drivers battled for about five laps until the checkered flag. Back up front, Banal captured the win. Top 5: Banal, Mangum, Sanders, Watkins and Aldridge.


In the Vintage main, the front row had Steve Helms and Marty Spittle.

At the green, it was Steve Helms, Spittle, Marty Batson and Mike Helms battling for the lead entering turn one.

Exiting turn two, Spittle showed the his Ford’s power and pulled away to about a three-car length lead.

For the rest of the race, it was Spittle as Spittle kept putting distance between himself and the rest of the field.

A driver made his return to Lancaster Motor Speedway this past Saturday Night, driving one of the Kenneth Deese No. 3 cars. “The Iron Horse,” Mike Harrington made his return to racing. Harrington is considered one of the best LMS has ever seen.

Spittle captured the win. Top 5: Spittle, Chris Fincher, Steve Helms, Harrington and Batson.


In the FWD/UCAR, the front row was Scott Barrett and Jordan Barfield.

When the green fell, it was Barrett, Barfield, David Laney and Scotty Steen battling for the lead entering turn one.

Exiting turn two, Barrett led over Barfield, Laney and Steen. As Barrett began to pull away, the No. 12 ride of David Laney came to life.

As Laney worked his way to second, he showed the true power of his No. 12 machine.

Laney roared down the straightaways, trying to run down Barrett.

As the laps ticked off, Laney gained ground on Barrett. Coming to the white flag, Laney made his move on Barrett entering turn three for the lead.

Barrett didn’t yield as he dove below Laney only to see Laney use the straightaway to his advantage and pull away. Top 5: Laney, Barrett, David “Porkchop” Motes, Jordan Barfield and Scotty Steen.


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