Chairman clears up accusations against county

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By The Staff

It has come to my attention that there is a mailer circulating in the S.C. Senate 16 race that states that taxpayers are on the hook or otherwise responsible for $30 million worth of bonds on the Edenmoor subdivision in Indian Land (formerly St. Katherine.)

This is not true. Last week The Lancaster News and Carolina Gateway News accurately reported that county taxpayers are not liable for any of the bonds sold related to Edenmoor. County Administrator Steve Willis accurately said, “The county’s not backing the bonds.”

Let me be clear: taxpayers are not responsible for the bonds at Edenmoor. Those bonds were purchased on the private market, and only the bondholders, which do not include the county, stand to lose if the bond payment are not made. The county’s only role was to 1) approve the bonds and 2) collect the assessments, for which the county collects a small fee.

Furthermore, the mailer implies that the county deals with developers on “promises.” This is likewise not true.

All arrangements between the county and any landowners/developers are contained in written development agreements that clearly lay out each party’s obligations. Those obligations continue even if the land is subsequently sold from one developer to the next.

Rudy Carter

Lancaster County Council chairman