Celebrate Jackson's birthday

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By The Staff

Andrew Jackson State Park will be teeming with energy Saturday. That's when the annual Andrew Jackson Birthday Celebration unfolds at the state park built to honor the nation's seventh president.

The young and young-at-heart will be in full force for a full day of activities on the land where Jackson roamed the Carolina frontier as a young lad.

As a youngster, Jackson might have been found hiking through these very woods, fishing or handling a chore or two around his family's cabin.

Those who plan to attend the celebration of "Old Hickory's“ 241st birthday can experience a sampling of those Colonial times with games, demonstrations, food and music.

Expect history to be repeated in grand style as this celebration has been loads of fun in the past.

The day begins at 10 a.m. and continues to 4 p.m. That's six hours to "step back in time to explore the backcountry," an experience not to be missed.

A lawyer and soldier by occupation, Jackson made his mark in U.S. history. He became the first president who was a product of the frontier, a reflection of the nation's westward expansion during Jackson's lifetime.

The feisty Jackson, known for his fighting spirit, joined the army at age 13 during the American Revolution.

From those humble roots, which included time as a British prisoner of war in Charleston, Jackson rose to the rank of general. He gained fame as the hero of the Battle of New Orleans during the War of 1812, which led to the westward movement.

In the presidential election of 1832, Jackson made U.S. history int he first election in which national conventions nominated party candidates for the White House.

Those same type of conventions will determine who will vie for the nation's highest office later this year.

Jackson, reputed as a champion of the common people, moved west after the American Revolution and found success. Still, he never forgot his Carolina roots, always fighting for the rights of common people, who were and still are, the country's backbone.

We encourage you to take time to remember Jackson. Be sure and take along some youngsters and give them time to enjoy the wonderful park and the day's many activities.

At the same time, try to work in a short history lesson and encourage them to learn more about our county's most famous son.

Plenty of serious work and planning have gone into this day of fun for all.

Hope to see you there.