Carolina Gateway objects to use of logo in Norrell campaign flier

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By The Staff

A campaign flier that arrived in homes this week may leave some of you wondering where one of your local papers stands in the S.C. District 16 Senate race.

The flier, sent out by Democrat Mandy Powers Norrell's campaign, uses the Carolina Gateway flag, or logo, and a fragment of a headline from the Oct. 15 issue, as part of an attack on Norrell's opponent, Republican Mick Mulvaney.

But the newspaper's flag was used without permission, Carolina Gateway Editor Jane Alford said Thursday.

The paper has not endorsed either candidate in this race, she said, and does not approve the use of its flag in any political advertising.

The Norrell campaign violated Carolina Gateway's trademark when it used the flag in the flier, said Bill Rogers, executive director of the S.C. Press Association.

Rogers said he and the Press Association's attorney, Jay Bender, reached this conclusion after looking at a copy of the flier Thursday.

Alford said she was shocked and angry when she received the flier in the mail at her home Wednesday.

"The ironic thing is that the article they chose to pull the headline from does not even mention Mick Mulvaney," Alford said.

The flier claims that Mulvaney used the Edenmoor subdivision to line his pockets at Lancaster County taxpayers' expense, a claim that has been debunked in this paper by both Lancaster County Administrator Steve Willis and Lancaster County Council Chairman Rudy Carter.

Mulvaney once owned the 800-acre housing development, then known as St. Katherine, but sold it to GS Carolina in 2005. The property is now owned by Lawson's Bend, LLC, a part of GS Carolina.

There are now three mechanics liens on the development, totaling $2.2 million and the transfer of an EMS station, soccer fields and tennis courts to the county are in limbo until the liens are satisfied.

After conferring with Rogers on how to handle the matter, Alford notified the Norrell campaign Thursday that it has violated the paper's trademark and asked it to stop distributing any more campaign materials that use the newspaper's flag.

Carolina Gateway, which covers the Indian Land area, is a sister newspaper of The Lancaster News.