Carolina Christian Academy – 'Do right and God will supply you with the things you need'

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By Johnathan Ryan

What matters in life is a person's "treasures of the heart," and that's something Carolina Christian Academy graduates were asked to ponder at their graduation ceremony May 23.

The school's seven graduates were encouraged to examine themselves and the lives they plan once away from the school.

"What kind of treasures will you have in your heart while you sit in college?" asked commencement speaker, the Rev. Reece Yandle, executive director emeritus of the S.C. Association of Christian Schools. "Please, let God pick those treasures."

Making lots of money shouldn't be the end-all of their life's work, he said.

"Do right and God will supply you with the things you need," Yandle said.

Valedictorian Andy Cross said he learned much at Carolina Christian. He said he learned academics and putting God and others before himself.

"I remember begging my parents not to send me to - that Christian school,'" Cross said. "Now, I know it was all for the better."

The parents of graduate Kayla Kee said they made a full commitment to a Christian education for their daughter.

"It was important for us that she be taught in a Christian environment," said her mother, Tina Kee.

The school gym was packed with family and friends to see the seven graduate.

Attendees watched a video of memories for each graduate, and enjoyed a reception afterwards.

School Administrator Dr. Huey Mills said he was proud of the new graduates.

"I have never had higher expectations for any other senior class at Carolina Christian Academy," he said.