Carol Parker was an inspiration to many

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By The Staff

I would like to send my condolences to the Carol W. Parker family. I was out of town when Mrs. Parker went to be with the Lord and did not know it until I returned.

She was my chorus teacher 38 years ago at South Junior High School. She was a great inspiration to everyone who knew her. I was blessed to have her touch my life.

Not only did Mrs. Parker teach us to sing our best and blend our voices together, she also taught all of her students to respect each other, strive to be the best they could be.

You knew Mrs. Parker loved you and she loved Jesus. It showed in her daily life. I haven’t seen Mrs. Parker for years and this past summer she was on my mind constantly.

I picked up the telephone and called her this past August. I knew I had the correct number because her voice sounded the same after all these years. I told her who I was and she remembered me right away. I told her what an inspiration she was and how she had touched my life greatly.

We talked about how we loved to sing, how we laughed together and apologized if I talked too much during class. She laughed and told me I was a class clown and even though she had to sometimes get on me, she would laugh silently to herself.

She and I both enjoyed our conversation talking about what we were doing in our lives and our families. I asked about her health and she said in her familiar voice, I have good days and bad days, but I’m doing well.

I am so thankful I made that call and did not put it off another minute because we never know when the Lord will call us home. We need to always be ready to meet the Lord.

The last words that Mrs. Parker and I shared were me thanking her again for touching my life. As we hung up I told her I loved her very much and she said I love you, too, Marie. Precious words.

I encourage you that if you have someone you need to tell what an inspiration they are to you, please don’t put it off.

I’m so thankful I called Mrs. Parker before it was too late. I know heaven’s choir is much sweeter with Mrs. Parker smiling, holding her head back and singing praises to our Lord and savior. Call that person today. Don’t wait.