Carnes understands issues facing state

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Brian Carnes is a true conservative who stands for traditional values that the people of District 16 desperately need. Brian is a lifelong member of Pleasant Hill United Methodist Church in Indian Land. Brian has a strong passion for his community, serving as a former volunteer firefighter and now chairman of the Pleasant Valley Fire Commission. He knows the needs our of civil servants and why we must support these men and women who put it all on the line daily for us.
Brian was a former Lancaster County school board member for eight years, he knows what it means to put kids first and what their educational needs are. Brian is a proven businessman. He owns two successful businesses  – Seniors Helping Seniors and Carolina Innovations.
As a successful businessman, he knows what it will take to get jobs back in South Carolina. Also, with him being involved with Seniors Helping Seniors, Brian understands the issues that face so many senior citizens in our state as well. This is not new to Brian. He has always had a passion to help seniors and address their concerns.
Brian has the will, the power and the knowledge to represent District 16. His passion and being a true conservative will help revamp this district to a place where we all can prosper and be happy with what our government does.
May God bless Brian and his family and everything he stands for in our district.

Steven Coley
Fort Mill