Carnes good public servant

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I’ve gotten to know good public servants (Mick Mulvaney, Deborah Long) who faithfully serve their communities. Brian Carnes is another such public servant, and I enthusiastically support his candidacy for the S.C. Senate District 16 seat.

Brian’s common-sense approaches – preparing our kids and our economy for the challenges of the 21st century – are the right ones for keeping our quality of life high. 

He understands that investing in public and higher education now will create job opportunities in the future. He knows we must do more to support small businesses and innovation.

Brian is also the right choice because he knows we need to start getting real results from Columbia that will impact our community. 

Brian was a staunch conservative when he served on the school board with proven results. Many in the district believed he voted based on what the people wanted. 

Many know local government is where you must put your partisan politics aside and serve the people and he did that during his eight years in office. I cannot express how important it is that we send Brian to Columbia.

He will represent the people in District 16 and be a consensus builder with clear conservative values. I urge you to vote for him on Feb. 22.


Michael Hutchinson

Fort Mill