Businesses should value customer service

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Spring break finally arrived. I decided months ago it would be the perfect time to schedule doctor appointments for my teenage middle school daughter.
Our dental exams were scheduled for 2:30 p.m. on April 18. Arriving 30 minutes early, I spoke with the lady at the front desk. She couldn’t find our appointment time or date. She repeatedly asked questions, constantly asking our last names. My daughter was a new patient, but I was not. She suggested I may be at the wrong doctor. I didn’t even know the doctor she mentioned.
I was amazed and walked out without seeing the dentist, highly aggravated after driving 45 minutes, asking off work and the gas I burned driving there.
On April 20, my daughter had an eye exam appointment at 4 p.m.
We drove the long distance only to find when we arrived, the doctor wasn’t in. I couldn’t believe this was happening again. The unprofessional girls said they would have called if they had my phone numbers.
My daughter has been a patient for several years. I filled out a form giving my phone numbers years ago. Last year and the year before when she required eye glasses, an employee called to inform me the glasses were ready to be picked up. My phone numbers haven’t changed in 10 years.
I bluntly left angry.
Yet, another wasted day – wasted time, wasted gas, etc..
With Lancaster County’s unemployment rate, one would think a business would employ professionals and experienced employees who are knowledgeable in their profession.
However, that week made me realize that it is not necessarily “what you got” it’s “how you are treated” that counts. If you have a scheduled appointment, call ahead of time. Avoid the situations I endured.

Brenda Williams Gonzales