Bus driver claims intimidation by parent

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By Reece Murphy

Tensions between a Lancaster County School District school bus driver and a student’s father led to accusations of intimidation against the father, but no charges.

According to the Feb. 3, incident report, a bus driver dropping children off at a stop near Elm Street and Blue Lane called the Lancaster County School District bus depot to report a man “sitting on the sidewalk with a long gun across his lap.”

Since the bus driver was still out on her route, the investigating officer first went to the father’s house, the report said.

The man admitted he was sitting on the wall at the end of his driveway while waiting for his daughter to get home with a gun laying on his lap, but that the gun was a BB/pellet gun.

The 25-year-old man said he normally walked his dog each day before his daughter came home, suggesting he carried it with him as he did.

The officer found the gun leaning against the wall of the man’s house, and confirmed it was a BB gun.

The man said as his daughter was getting off the bus, he saw her trying to give the driver some papers and that the bus driver spoke to his daughter in a “disrespectful way.” 

He also alleged that other parents in the neighborhood had trouble with the driver too.

The father said he told the driver she “did not have to talk to his daughter that way,” but denied ever lifting the BB gun off his lap.

After finishing her route, the bus driver went to the police department, where she gave her statement to another officer.

In that statement, the 50-year-old woman said she had problems with the man’s daughter in the past for misbehaving on the bus and admitted to telling the girl to “come on” because she was slowly walking up the bus aisle.

She said the girl’s father got upset anytime his daughter was disciplined and had “cursed at her in the past.”

“She stated that (the father) acted like he was going to get up and that he stated ‘Don’t talk to my daughter like that,’” the officer said in the report. “(The driver) stated that she did not know (the father) was armed until she heard other children saying he had a gun.

“(The driver) stated that she then turned her head and saw the gun,” the report said.

The officer said he intended to report the matter to a judge to see if charges were warranted, but as of Tuesday the man had not been charged according to online court records.


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