Burnettes office on White Street yields high returns

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By The Staff

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Burnette’s office on White Street

yields high return

By Sherry Archie

For The Lancaster News

What’s outside offers an insight as to what’s inside.

At least that’s true for Doug Burnette’s Public Accounting office at 302 N. White St., Lancaster.

The neat, well-manicured yard surrounding the two-story office building offers a great balance to the decor and service you’ll find inside.

Balance is important, especially for accountants. In this case, that balance has paid off.

Burnette’s lawn was selected as the Yard of the Month for February by the Lancaster Council of Garden Clubs. He will receive a $25 gift certificate, compliments of Ace Hardware Lawn and Garden Center of Lancaster.

Burnette said when he first moved his office to the former apartment building, the shrubs were tall, leggy and in dire need of attention.

After consulting with Barry Blackmon of Blackmon Landscaping, Burnette decided to remove all of the shrubs and replace them with other varieties.

“We wanted to add shrubs that would offer contrasting colors year-round, in addition to a few seasonal blooms,” he said.

The only original shrubs that remain are the boxwoods that anchor the slate sidewalk. The walkway – lined with mounds of variegated liriope – directs visitors to the small front porch.

In front of the building, Autumn Encore azaleas offer seasonal color to the low-growing green Sargent juniper that surrounds the office foundation. Steeds holly bushes stand tall at the corners of the building.

Burnette said the Encore azaleas were selected for the front because they bloom twice a year, once in late spring and again in the fall.

The landscape design provides plenty of spacing between the plantings to accommodate future growth, while providing a well-kept appearance.

“I like everything to be neat and uncluttered, especially in the yard,” Burnette said. “We want the yard to be inviting to our customers.”

Fresh, double-hammered hardwood mulch is piled high around the base of each shrub. The dark mulch provides a great contrast with the variety of foliage. The mulch also surrounds the liriope along the sidewalk creating crisp, clean lines that add to the overall manicured neatness of the lawn.

A white picket fence is flanked with bright crimson-colored dwarf nandina, offset with taller nandina behind them. Red Stella d’Oro daylilies bloom from late spring through the summer months along the back parking area.

Fescue grass was selected for the lawn because it remains mostly green year- round. Burnette said Barry Blackmon and his son, Brian, make sure it stays neatly trimmed and weeds don’t invade the shrub beds.

If you would like to nominate a yard for the Yard of the Month, please call Janice Smith at 285-4191.