Burned out headlight ends with drug arrest

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By Reece Murphy

A burned-out headlight and a compliant attitude led to drug charges against a Lancaster man on Tuesday, Oct. 15.

According to the Lancaster County Sheriff’s office incident report, sheriff’s deputy Matthew Boyd pulled 25-year-old Antuana Demarcus Anthony over in the 1900 block of Springdale extension after noticing the car Anthony was driving had a headlight out.

Boyd noted in the incident report he smelled marijuana when he approached the car, though he continued with business as usual by asking Anthony for his license and vehicle registration.

As Anthony provided him with the documentation, Boyd said he noticed Anthony had a permit to carry a concealed weapon. Anthony admitted he had a pistol in the car’s center console.

Boyd said he asked Anthony to step out of the vehicle, and then for permission to secure the Jimenez Arms .380 handgun during the stop, a request to which Anthony agreed.

Boyd said as he reached for the pistol, he saw a pill bottle that contained marijuana between the seat and the center console.

According to the report, he then asked Anthony if there was anything in the car that deputies should know about. Anthony said he had police scanner, but nothing else.

“Deputy Boyd then asked for consent to search, to which Anthony said, ‘What is your probably cause?,’” Boyd wrote in his report. “Boyd then asked what was in the pill bottle, to which Anthony stated that it was ‘just a blunt.’

“Deputy Boyd then placed Anthony in handcuffs and told him that he was not under arrest at this time, but just being detained,” the report said.

Boyd said when he searched Anthony, with Anthony’s permission, he found a pack of cigarette rolling papers in one pocket and $95 in the other. After putting Anthony in the back seat of the patrol car, Boyd and a superior, Sgt. Kendra Howell, searched the car.

The report said during the search, the deputies found two buds of marijuana in the pill bottle and a black and red bag on the floorboard behind the drivers seat.

Deputies said inside the bag, they found: a prescription pill bottle containing about 1.5 grams of cocaine, a plastic bag containing about 4 ounces of marijuana, another with about 3 grams of marijuana, digital scales and several empty plastic bags.

Deputies also found an “M&M container containing marijuana residue,” three packs of cigarillos, the magazine for Anthony’s pistol and the aforementioned scanner with a list of law enforcement 10-codes.

Anthony was arrested for possession with intent to sell marijuana and cocaine, issued a ticket for possession of drug paraphernalia and a warning for a defective headlight.

The report said the borrowed car Anthony was driving was towed and the owner notified. Anthony’s handgun and scanner were placed into evidence for safekeeping until his release.


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