Bundy’s leadership evident in county, S.C.

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By Robert Howey

Charles Bundy, a fixture in Lancaster County success over the years, recently received an honor which once again reflects his dedicated service to our community.

The S.C. Hospital Association (SCHA) presented its highest honor in hospital trustee leadership to Bundy, board chairman of Springs Memorial Hospital.

Bundy was selected a 2008 SCHA Distinguished Hospital Trustee of the Year on Sept. 20 at the annual Trustee Administrator Physician (TAP) Conference of the S.C. Hospital Association.

Bundy’s award comes as no surprise. His leadership and impact have been felt in a variety of ways for some time.

A retired and part-time consultant, Bundy has served as president of the Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce, the Lancaster Rotary club and chairman of the S.C. Parks, Recreation and Tourism Commission.

His positive attitude, personal approach and will to achieve are key factors in his success.

Bundy has also served as chairman of the Southeastern Council of Foundations and a member of secretary of the Higher Education Commission of Lancaster County.

“Charles Bundy is a consummate trustee that exemplifies positive, visible leadership in a challenging health care environment,” said SCHA Board Chairman John Miller. “He has the vision and the dedication to progressively lead his organization in delivering leading-edge health care services and steering his community toward healthy lifestyles.”

The award is given each year at the TAP Conference, which is co-sponsored by SCHA and the S.C. Medical Association.

It recognizes a trustee who exemplifies service to his or her hospital, its patients and community, and one who has demonstrated leadership and service at the state level on behalf of hospitals and health care.

The selection is made from nominations presented by the trustee’s hospital to a committee of hospital executives and trustees from across the state.

The honor is only given to a very few number of recipients, including only two individuals receiving the award in 2008.

Katherine Duffy, a trustee of Roper St. Francis Healthcare in Charleston, also was honored with the award.

Bundy, a trustee since 1990, has helped the hospital transition from a not-for-profit to investor-owned and created the J. Marion Sims Foundation, which supports programs and projects for the prevention and education that enhance the health and wellness of residents in Lancaster County as well as its surrounding communities of Great Falls and Fort Lawn.

As a member of the University of South Carolina at Lancaster Educational Foundation, Bundy is a major supporter of the school’s registered nursing program. He also served on the SCHA board of trustees from 1995-1998.

“These are the type of people that are critical to making our hospitals a successful and viable part of the community,” Miller said.

Tom R. McDougal Jr., chief executive officer and secretary of the board of trustees of Springs Memorial Hospital, said Bundy’s honor is well-deserved.

“His leadership is evident over nearly two decades serving the hospital,” McDougal said. “Our organization has truly benefited from his leadership.”

The award reinforces a fact known to many here who know Bundy and others, who might not know him directly, but have felt the impact of his work and leadership. We’re fortunate to have Bundy as a dedicated member of our community.

The award reflects his shining example.