Bundy ready to apply work ethic to council

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On Tuesday, June 12, the people of District 3 will go the polls to vote for their representative on County Council. In making this decision, they need to weigh out who is best able to analyze the complex issues coming before council, who is best able to manage the county’s budget needs and, ultimately, who will best serve as the representative of the entire District 3.
I am running to be the person who represents District 3 on Lancaster County Council and would appreciate your support and your vote next Tuesday.
Lancaster County is one of the fastest growing areas in the state. County Council has seen demands for services and infrastructure increase as the population has increased. Although much attention seems to be placed on the developed areas, Lancaster County has missed a real opportunity in not emphasizing the value of our rural land and the quality of life with which it is associated.
Having been brought up in Lancaster, my wife and I settled in Lancaster County because we value its peaceful setting and the sense of community that the rural environment promotes. We need someone on County Council who recognizes this and can assure a balance between development and quality of life.
Along with growth in population, there have been increasing demands on the county’s budget. I am a fiscal conservative and believe that we should live within our means rather than search for more tax money to fill an expanding budget. It would be nice to have every service that is desired or to give to any organization, but the reality is that tough choices need to be made and I am ready to make them.
I have worked hard all of my life. Over the years my work has involved working in maintenance and bleaching at Grace Bleachery during my college years, 30 years of teaching chemistry and biology in high schools and college and even work as a deckhand and mate aboard barge tugs.
Whether it is working to prepare a science budget or loading barges on ships, I am ready to apply this work ethic to working for the citizens of District 3 on Lancaster County Council.
I hope that you have been able to see one of my brochures or talk with me or Fran so that you can find out more about me and my positions on county issues. Access    facebook.com/bundyforcouncil for more information.  
I would appreciate your allowing me to work for you by voting on Tuesday, June 12, for Bob Bundy, Lancaster County Council.

Bob Bundy