Brrr, it’s cold outside!

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Weather forecast rings grocery store registers

By Denyse Clark

One spoken word about bad weather in Lancaster and grocery store aisles are bombarded with customers looking for staple food products that will keep them, their cabinets and refrigerators full.

At Food Lion, 937 N. Main St., customers kept the registers ringing incessantly Monday, Dec. 6, said Lori Smith, the store’s customer service manager.

“I came in on my day off and ran a register from 1 to 3 (p.m.) nonstop,” she said. “I very seldom touch a register.”

When asked what customers were buying most, Smith said that was easy to answer.

“Bread, ice and milk were the most bought products,” she said. “I also saw a lot of stuff for chili.”

Office assistant Jamiah Smith spent a great deal of his time on Monday returning shopping carts to the inside of the store.

“We were not able to keep a cart in the store,” he said. “It has been extremely busy!”

When asked how busy and compared to what, Smith had a ready example.

“We did about $5,000 – double our normal volume – in one hour,” he said. “People were getting bread, milk and eggs.”

On the bread aisle, Reggie Feaster, a Sara Lee route salesman, was straightening loaves and preparing to reload the almost bare shelves. 

“I’m excited,” Feaster said about the disarrayed shelves. 

“The more they (customers) buy, the more I make.”

Robert and Nika Ingram grabbed a loaf of bread but said it wasn’t because of the anticipated bad weather.

“We need some,” Nika Ingram said laughing. “We just need some because we’re out of bread.”

Customer Donnie Waldrop, also on the bread, aisle, had a similar answer to the Ingrams.

“My wife sent me up here to pick up some special bread by Sara Lee,” Waldrop said.

Feaster perked up as soon as his company’s moniker was mentioned by Waldrop. 

“That’s me!” he shouted.

He then helped Waldrop find the loaf of bread he needed for his wife.

In the meat section, five-year-old Dreona McCoy tossed luncheon meats into her shopping cart, but said she and her mom weren’t shopping for themselves. They had a special assignment.

“We’re getting groceries for ‘Gigi,’ my grandma,” Dreona said with a broad smile.

Food Lion managers said they were grateful for the influx of customers who anticipated the bad weather, but there was also another reason to be grateful, Lori Smith said.

“It makes the day go by real fast,” she said laughing.


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