Brown is deserving of honor

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One of Lancaster County’s finest is now one of the state’s best.
Lt. Eric Brown of the Lancaster County Sheriff’s Department was recently honored as the Deputy of the Year by the Sheriff’s Association.
Earlier this year, Brown, 33, was nominated during a management staff meeting at the office.
“We talked about several officers and Eric really stood out, so we nominated him,” Lancaster County Sheriff Barry Faile said. “Since I took over two and a half years ago, Eric has done an outstanding job. He makes things happen.”
A list of Brown’s accomplishments was sent to the association and he was chosen as the winner.
Brown’s work with the sheriff’s department earning its accreditation was a key part of Brown’s selection.
“He saw what standards we needed to meet and he saw that through,” Faile said.
Brown’s outstanding work with the office’s crime watch program was another pivotal factor.
“We’ve got more active crime watches than we ever had,” Faile said. “He’s gotten people involved.”
Faile said the office can take pride in Brown’s accomplishment.
“Lt. Brown has given this department and this county something to brag about. It’s a great honor and we are really proud of him,” Faile said.
“Now everyone knows what we already knew. The Lancaster County Sheriff’s Office has some of the best law enforcement officers in the state.”
Brown’s honor reflects an officer who has worked his way through the ranks to distinguish himself as one of the state’s top officers.
As a teen, the Jefferson native, was an Explorer with the Lancaster Police Department. He later joined the Pageland Police Department and then returned to Lancaster about five years ago to begin his work with the Lancaster Sheriff’s Office.
“When I first got into the job as a deputy, I was given a lot of responsibility,” Brown said. “A lot of agencies may not be as willing to do that. Here they recognize effort and try to reward it.”
Brown’s honor earned him promotion to lieutenant.
Of course, it will mean more duties and responsibility as he will oversee five deputies and six civilians in his work.
Brown said the keys in handling the challenges are working hard and keeping focus.
“You need to go with the flow,” he said.
One can’t dispute Brown’s approach. It’s a major part of why he’s one of the state’s elite in law enforcement.