Bledsoe letter: Time to get troops out of Afghanistan

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I am writing to express my extreme anger and frustration at our president, cabinet members and Congress members for continuing to dwell on the four Americans who were killed at the embassy in Benghazi. 

First, these so-called representatives and government lawmakers made this tragedy a political stumping ground during the presidential campaigning even after Ambassador Chris Stevens’ father told the press that his son would not appreciate that.

Second, I ask this question: Why, in the name of fairness in humanity, do the deaths of these four men merit any more attention than do the deaths of thousands of U.S. troops who have died and are continuing to die for these asinine excuses of two wars? 

These two wars have been going on during most of the Bush administration and will go on until 2014, according to President Barack Obama. 

I voted for President Obama twice, but I am at my rope’s end to stay silent about this unwinnable Afghan war. 

Why, in the name of good common American sense, do the president, cabinet members and Congress think continuing to fight until 2014 is going to make any difference whatsoever? 

As I just said, I voted for President Obama twice, but if he continues this idiotic Afghan war even one more day, then the Congress has the duty to impeach him and the Senate has the duty to evict him from office for continuing to put Americans in harm’s way for absolutely no good reason. 

This Afghan war is no more protecting U.S. security than guarding against the man in the moon.

I am very disappointed in any American who has the ability to read, write and/or call their senators and congressmen who does nor express their anger over these two asinine wars that have lasted far too long. 

Please, I beg of you, do your patriotic duty and tell our U.S. government to get our troops out of harm’s way – now. 

Timothy Bledsoe

North Augusta