Blackmon-Brace to share her business acumen

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As a woman, I know only too well how few tributes are made to women in our mostly male-oriented business arena.
I learned recently that a local, female, public servant, whom I personally respect for her many years of service in our communities, was offered an opportunity that most women can only dream of.
A group of professional women from Myrtle Beach, aptly named Phenomenal Women, requested this phenomenal woman, out of many candidates, to honor them by speaking at a seminar that extols the business acumen of women in a male-dominated arena.
The criteria for consideration by Phenomenal Women are:
1. Must operate at least three successful local or nationally recognized businesses
2. Display philanthropy by giving of self as well as financially to your community
3. Individual goal of the honoree is developing a franchise and globalization
She will be presenting at each seminar in four states, her, “7 Principals of Financial Success,” which has served her so well in accomplishing her goals, inspired by her grandparents; Abe and Lizzie Stover McCain.
She managed through years of hard work and determination to morph into the self-confident, professional, business savvy individual that Phenomenal Women consider to deserve the honor they bestowed upon her.
The person of whom I speak is Councilwoman Linda Blackmon-Brace. My heartfelt congratulations go out to her with the hope that other women will identify and dream the dream with the same passion and sincerity that she has.
She makes me proud to have her as a role model for local women who desire to become entrepreneurs.