Bin Laden’s death brings relief to local family

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Thank you for this opportunity to share our thoughts with you regarding this matter:

My husband, Joel Council, was in the World Trade Center on Sept. 11, 2001, and nearly lost his life that day. That day forever changed our lives, as it did for so many. He worked on the 22nd floor as a fitness consultant for a major health club and lost all his clients to this tragedy. 

As he made his way out of the burning building, he said many jumped out of the building, holding hands and screaming for their lives. He even fell over dead bodies as he was running. 

Certainly, this changed my husband’s perspective on life, but left a bitterness and anger to contend with. 

So knowing that this man who killed 3,000 people that day, some of whom were his closest friends, was killed brought relief and a sense of closure. But, as Christians, we don’t rejoice in another person dying and being killed. 

Every choice you make in this life has a consequence to contend with, so we are at peace that justice has been served, but violence is never the way; it just creates more pain to deal with. 

 Since then we have relocated from New York to South Carolina with our two precious daughters and live here in Legacy Park and love our life together.  

  Victoria Council

Indian Land