Bernsdorff has leadership skill S.C. needs

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By Sheila Bickford

Mary Bernsdorff, a life-long educator, is a candidate for the S.C. House District 45 seat.

I had the opportunity to meet Mary and was impressed with her knowledge and passion for improving economic opportunity for the people of Lancaster and York counties.

Bernsdorff addressed several issues concerning the need for real, comprehensive tax reform and pointed out that the state loses $4-5 billion in tax revenue annually.

She said the state is not broke, the system is broken.

She gave the following as examples:

u There are 80 sales tax exemptions and many benefit only the very wealthy.

u We lose $110 million each year for failure to collect Internet sales taxes.

u  Purchase a $385,000 Lamborghini Roadster and you only pay $300 in sales tax.

Buy a $5,000 used car and you pay the same. Due to the $300 sales tax cap, the state loses $152 million each year in sales tax revenue on luxury automobiles.

u Taxes are collected on a dinner cruise in Charleston. Yet no taxes are collected on a vacation time-share near the Battery in Charleston – a loss of $5.3 million.

Mary Bernsdorff will bring leadership experience to the S.C. House and work to fix the broken system through comprehensive tax reform.


Sheila Bickford

Indian Land