Be wary of requests for water tests in mailboxes

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By Jenny Hartley

Neither the city nor county water district are testing your water.

Residents in the Elgin community of the county, and the Forest Hills neighborhood in the city of Lancaster say someone is leaving small water bottles at their mailboxes, asking residents to fill them with water from their homes and leave them for collection at the mailbox.

City of Lancaster water treatment director Mack McDonald said residents should to be wary of such testing. It could cost up to $30 to have your water tested, and then a company may try to sell you a water filter or other water purification products.

“If we ever need a water sample, there won’t be a charge for it,” McDonald said.

The company, which McDonald said is Environmental Progress Inc. of Greenville, also does not have a business license in the city to solicit the water samples and conduct business.

Lancaster County Water and Sewer District Assistant Manager Stephen White said the county doesn’t want to test your water, either. He’s gotten one of the water-testing bottles at his home in Elgin.

“It’s a third-party advertisement,” White said. “We wouldn’t make you pay for water testing, and we wouldn’t test it in that manner anyway.”

If you live in the city and have questions, call McDonald at 285-9430.

If you live in the county, call the Lancaster County Water and Sewer District at 285-6919.

Contact senior reporter Jenny Hartley at jhartley@thelancasternews.com or at (803) 283-1151