Be sure to honor mother today

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No doubt you know what today is – Mother’s Day. The day set aside to honor and pay tribute to the ones who brought you into the world and tried to keep you on the right track.
Admit it – keeping us on the right track was no easy task. She made sure we got the basic necessities in life. Not just food, water and clothing. Encouragement, discipline, counseling and cuddling – the elements needed for a successful, well-rounded life. That’s no hype. Studies show that babies need that interaction in their early years to develop to their full potential. Who better to do that than a mother?
While there are many people who influence our lives, probably none so much as mother. She’s always been there for us. She’s been our confidant, protector and mentor. She’s cooked for us, doctored us and refereed our sibling disputes.
Many mothers did that while holding down a job. Some of them have more than one job just to provide the family’s needs. Yet these same mothers also carry the major role of household chores and parenting duties. It’s a balancing act to pull off these feats.
It doesn’t take too much convincing to see the value of mothers. That’s why, in 1914, Congress designated the second Sunday in May as Mother’s Day, which of course is today. Mothers truly deserve their own day and all the recognition they can get.
We cannot encourage you enough to take time today to honor your mother. Do so however you feel is appropriate, whether it is by sending her a card, flowers or spending quality time with her. Make her smile. Make her laugh. Give her a big hug. Tell her how much you love her.
If your mother is no longer living, take time to honor her memory and reflect on what she has meant to you and your family.
Wearing a rose today in honor of Mother’s Day is a longtime tradition – a red one if she is living and a white one if she is deceased.
No matter what your situation, take time to honor your mother today. She has played a major role in your life. You wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for her.
Sometimes for various reasons, mothers and children drift apart. If that is your situation, why not use today as a catalyst for restoring that bond by reaching out to her? Don’t get us wrong, there are no guarantees, but you’ll never know if you don’t try.
And to all mothers, we salute you.