Be safe on this Easter holiday

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By The Staff

Easter arrives today. For Christians, it's regarded as the holiest day of the year. The holiday is held to celebrate the resurrection of Jesus Christ, who arose from the dead following His death on the cross as revealed by the scriptures.

Easter, or Resurrection Day, as many Christians refer to the holiday, is a time to celebrate.

Unlike Christmas, which is celebrated on Dec. 25 each year by Christians shortly after the arrival of winter, Easter can fall any place on the calendar between March 22 and April 25.

Easter is held on the first Sunday following the first full moon that occurs on or after March 21.

Key dates in the celebration of Easter are Ash Wednesday - the beginning of Lenten season of penitence and the seventh Wednesday before Easter, along with Palm Sunday, the Sunday prior to Easter - and Good Friday, the Friday before Easter.

Spring officially arrived Thursday, followed by Good Friday and Easter.

People of all ages and all walks of life will take time to observe the holiday and celebrate in various ways. A host of events, from egg hunts, sunrise services, picnics and special church worship services, will be held during the week.

You can choose to participate as you like.

We urge you and your family to take time and spend time together. Holidays are meant to be held with families enjoying themselves.

We also remind folks to observe caution during this time. The holiday weekend can be somewhat hectic, but we urge folks, no matter what your plans are, to use common sense.

If you have travel plans, take time to map out your destination.

If you drive, please buckle up and obey the rules of the road. Leave alcohol out of the mix.

If you do drink, no matter how little, make sure there's a designated driver. Alcohol and driving are a bad combination, especially over a holiday.

With the arrival of spring, warm weather is upon us. That means more outdoor activities, including pool openings as well as river and beach outings. Be sure to make safety first and use caution.

No matter how you decide to observe the holiday, take time for each other and have a good, safe holiday.

Happy Easter.