Be careful what you wish for

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Seems like my more vocal neighbors up on the northern frontier are struggling for home rule. Home rule usually means you make your own laws and can amend financial support to the rest of Lancaster County.

I urge you good folks to be careful what you wish for.

Now, we, your neighbors to the South, ain’t ready to write you all off yet. Back in the prehistoric days when Indian Land was mostly tree farms and overgrown fields, some fellas saw a quick buck could be made if they started advertising homes with a country setting, offering low taxes, low crime and an easy lifestyle.

Big city amenities were available just across the state line. Why, you could raise your windows and feel nice and secure. By golly, you folks who worked in manufacturing jobs with good retirement plans saw your old neighborhoods become run down and crime-infested. The grass certainly appeared greener with a relocation.

Common sense oughta tell you that affluent neighborhoods will draw undesirables. Old-time resident landowners saw opportunities to make a handsome profit on lands without regard to what might be erected on them.

It didn’t take long for carnival-like businesses to arrive. A joint will surely reduce the value of your homestead. This is still America and lawmakers hesitate to dictate what appearance a structure must be like, even if it offends others.

Some Indian Landers see themselves as Lancaster County’s cash cow, but let me remind you that our old bull and heifer still have some interest in that calf you are trying to wean.

W.B. Evans