Basu’s visit to Lancaster was not good-will gesture

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Moni Basu was born in Calcutta, India. Though India has become one of the fastest-growing economies and is a somewhat newly industrialized country, it continues to face poverty, corruption and lack of adequate health care.
I don’t believe that Moni was born into a poor family though; her father was a college professor.
In my research on Moni I found that she had attended challenging schools In England and India and that American schools didn’t have that much to offer her, so she graduated at the age of 15.
Moni once said that when her father decided to settle in Tallahassee, Fla., that she, her mother and brother cried for three months because they had lived in such exotic cites as Calcutta, San Francisco and Sydney. She aspires to be a diplomat with the United Nations; doesn’t that require being diplomatic?
Moni didn’t visit Lancaster as a good-will gesture. I sincerely doubt that she came as a humanitarian and desired to draw attention to those who are jobless and in need.
I don’t believe for a minute that she chose South Carolina in any humanitarian effort. She could have chosen a state in any region of the United States and written a similar story.
She could have  spread her mean-spiritedness about the closings of coal mines, steel mills and the automobile industry.
CNN’s outrage was fueled by the recent Republican primary results.
I hope that Moni is thankful that she can practice her trade in America.

Don Lee
Indian Land