Bass fishing classes should get the hook

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As a parent, I am dismayed that some state schools are pushing to establish bass fishing as an official high school team sport. For the sake of both our children and animals, school officials should give this idea the hook.
Sanctioning the maiming and killing of fish for sport sends the message that violence toward others is acceptable – not a lesson that we should be teaching our kids.
Studies show that fish are intelligent animals that feel pain just as all animals do. Fish have particularly sensitive mouths and lips that they use in much the same way that we use our hands. Many fish die from injuries and stress after they are caught and thrown back into the water. Only a lack of understanding and knowledge about fish allows such cruelty to continue.
Positive, cruelty-free club sports are already available in our schools. We should encourage our children to participate in these animal-friendly endeavors, rather than in a violent activity that causes animals to suffer.

Quin Baily