Banning inanimate objects not viable solution

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I read with great interest the Jan. 30, 2013, guest article from former Lancaster resident Matthew Taylor, who now lives in Sydney Australia. I was going to respond to some of the items he is ranting about in  his letter, but why do I want to debate with someone who now lives outside of the United States? He obviously has issues with the rural lifestyle of where he was born.
He also seems to take issue with us as a country and I take issue with that. While his article is ridden with hearsay and untruths about modern sporting rifles and high-capacity magazines, it is the standard progressive liberal talking points I hear from all of the gun-ban and gun-control advocates.
I have decided only a couple of items deserve a response from his article.
First, this is not about just being able to own an AR-15. This is about our constitutional rights as U.S. citizens.
We have, from the foresight and wisdom of our Founding Fathers, the right to own a firearm in this county. That  right “shall not be infringed” as stated in our Bill of Rights.
To tell me what I “need” or what I “should” have is infringing on that right.  
No where is this stated my Second Amendments rights are a privilege I must  earn as a child earns his or her allowance. Perhaps we should limit the First Amendment the same as the liberals want to limit the Second Amendment.   
Perhaps we can limit you to 10 statements per day.
No one should need to make more than 10 statements in a single day. Let’s take your First Amendment rights back to the 1700s. You may have your rights as long as you only use a soapbox and a single sheet printing press. No Internet, no radio, no TV, none of the modern forms of communication.
See, the Founding Fathers didn’t foresee the Internet either. But you sure do exercise your rights there. And people are harmed from words, too. How many careers have been destroyed? How many businesses have been bankrupted? How many teens have committed suicide from Internet bullies exercising their free speech?   
After all, it’s just words. And we have the right to say what ever we want to say.
Second, yes, I am a proud life member of the NRA. Your accusations of fear mongering should be pointed toward the progressive liberals on this one. They are the ones who think just because someone has an inanimate object, it is going to just jump up and go off killing hundreds of people or turn the owner into Jack the Ripper.
No, the evil human is what is killing. And no where on an AR-15 is a button that turns the owner into an evil person. We aren’t going to be able to pass a law to outlaw evil.
We must solve it at the root, which is in the upbringing of our children, our values and the way we live our lives.
We must accept responsibility for  actions and quit playing this blame game where everyone and everything else is at fault for bad things that happen and we must be protected from  them.
I also sent letters to my Congressmen, state and local representatives urging them to uphold my Second Amendment Rights and the Constitution of the United States. And I vote, so I will remember who stood up for my rights and who allows them to be chipped away by liberal policies.
Third, and most important, this is a debate and discussion for residents and citizens of the  U.S., not residents of foreign countries.
While I don’t know your citizenship status, you do not live here by your own statement. You decided this isn’t a country where you want to raise your children. I encourage you to stay in Sydney and do so. We are doing just fine without you and we will take care of our own debate and decisions without your vast wisdom.
This debate seems to attract all of the “butt-in-skis” from all kinds of foreign countries.
I don’t think China, Russia or any of countries who are cheering on the gun-control crowd exactly have our best interests at heart. We will be much better off to ignore the foreign voices who want to impose their will upon us.
You may think some of my statements are ridiculous, but why? I’m sure you will laugh and jeer and call me an idiot.
Yes, that too is standard ploys of the liberals, if  they don’t agree, make fun of them.
Are my statements truly more ridiculous than to demonize an inanimate object which is nothing more than a hunk of metal and plastic?
Would it be more ridiculous to limit free speech to 10 statements a day than to blame an AR-15  for the evil in some people’s soul? While we need to do some deep examination to better this situation of violent, evil people who do harm to others, the knee-jerk reaction of banning things is not going to solve the issue.

Terri McDonald