On the Ballot

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Following are the contested races in the Nov. 6, 2012, general election
Lancaster County Sheriff
u Barry Faile (D-i)
u Scott Case (R)
Lancaster City Council
* District 3
u Linda
     Blackmon-Brace (i)
u Jackie Harris
* District 4
u Tamara Green
    Garris (i)
u Jean S. Cureton
Lancaster County Council
* District 5
u Kathy Sistare (D-i)
u Steve Harper (R)
* House District 44
u Mandy Powers
     Norrell (D)
u Ryan Payne (R)
u Joseph Coy (Petition)
* House District 53
– Ted Vick (D-i)
– Richie Yow (R)
– Phil Powell (Petition)
* U.S. House District 5
u Mick Mulvaney (R-i)
u Joyce Knott (D)
Uncontested races
City Council
District 6, Sara Eddins
County Council
District 1, Larry
    McCullough (R)
District 3, Bob
    Bundy (R)
District 7,
Brian Carnes (R)
Lancaster County School Board
District 2, Tyrom      
District 4, Bill Sumner
District 6, Margaret
S.C. Senate
District 16
Greg Gregory (R)
S.C. House
District 45
Deborah Long (R)
S.C. House
District 65
Jay Lucas (R)
S.C. Senate
District 27
Vincent Sheheen (D)
Carrie Helms (R)
Cheryl Morgan (D)
Clerk of Court
Jeff Hammond (D)
Mike Morris (D)
Lancaster County voters will vote on a measure that would allow restaurants in Lancaster County to sell alcohol on Sunday.
A “yes” vote to the measure allows Sunday alcohol sales in county restaurants only. A “no” vote continues the ban.
2012 Constitutional Amendment
The question refers to having the governor and lieutenant governor run on the same ticket in the 2018 general election.
If that happens, the lieutenant governor will no longer preside over the Senate. The Senate will then elect its own president.
A “yes” vote approves that change. A “no” vote means the current method of electing the governor separately stays in effect. And the lieutenant governor will remain the Senate president.