Bailey tops field in Chalk Walk

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Buford High event

By Robert Howey



Buford High School track coach and math teacher Jareth Bailey ran a 19:44 to win the third annual Chalk Walk at BHS on Saturday, May 11.

Bailey had a challenge from Jackets’ track member Kyle Norcia, but took the victory by some 38 seconds.

Norcia led in the first mile, but Bailey, a former Jackets’ standout athlete in football and track, charged for the win.

“It’s a tough course, but I just pushed hard,” Bailey said.

Tanner Osborne was third in 21:31 and Wylie Penegar, a former Lancaster High School cross county and track runner, was fourth with a time of 22.20.

Margaret Monroe was the top female with a time of 23.57.

Susan Scott was the second female in 31.44, and Avery Plyler was third in 35.43

The Chalk Walk is held during the annual Teacher Appreciation week each May.

Each runner designates a teacher they are walking/running for in the race.

“We also put all of our Buford High School teachers out along the race course to honor them,” said Pam Langley, who coordinates the event.

The event serves as a fundraiser for the Buford High School Future Educators Chapter.

“We use the money to help provide monthly goodies, including breakfast, or dinner during parent-teacher conference nights during the school year.

“Each year we have more, so I think we are moving in the right direction,” Langley said. “We had 26 finish the race, all in under 45 minutes.”

Race results

Jareth Bailey, 19.44

Kyle Norcia, 20:22

Tanner Osborne, 21.31

Wylie Penegar, 22.20

Peyton Norcia, 23.34

T. Yarborough, 23.40

M. Monroe, 23.57

Pete Milhorne, 23.05

Simon Catoe, 24.34


Jorge Rodriguez, 25.02

A. Hernanadez, 27.34

Bob Bundy, 30.19

Susan Scott, 31.44

Avery Plyler, 35.43