Bail out people, not big banks

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By Paula Ivey

I am writing regarding the situation of the American public. We hear each day about the big money business pitfall. But their problems become our problems. How can the government come up with $700 billion to bail out the big guys? And we – the unemployed workers and our families – also need a bailout. There are no jobs. No one is hiring. We’re the ones who need to be bailed out. If we don’t have jobs and money to survive, how are the banks supposed to have money?

Our government needs to start from the bottom, not the top. We the people make up the latter.

If we have no jobs or no money, how are the banks and businesses supposed to survive? Businesses need us to buy their products. Once we get a bail out, then their businesses will bounce back. But we, the blue-collar worker, are suffering more and more with the high cost of gas and food. We can’t afford the gas to look for work. We go from place to place applying for jobs, but what we hear is “we’ll call you.” We know we will never get that call.

Why should the government bail out banks and ignore us? Why are we being overlooked? Our jobs are gone because of our government and now the government wants to bail out the big banks.

Our voices are never heard. We want to work and make a living, but we don’t have jobs. What is change when there is no chance for change?

Paula Ivey