Area flooding has worsened last 10 years

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By The Staff

I am a big girl, so let me refine what I am saying about flooding (in the Edenmoor area.)

These longtime residents may not live near the ranch (Larkspur) and drive by it daily like I do. I have lived here for 10 years, passing it daily.

The Hinsons say yes, it has always flooded some, but nothing like it does now and not as frequently or with as deep, running rapids as now.

I believe I did say it had flooded some, as my horse was in that pasture, but they had some high ground. There is no high ground now. All of the crap from construction upstream has now been washed down to our part of the creek and is backing up the water even more. Who cleans that up?

Have any of these people seen it flood over and over up to the bridges on U.S. 521 and S.C. 75? No, not until the past few years.

Of course, the Choates are happy; they sold and made money. Mulvaney is happy; he sold and made money. The rest of us will just eat our loss and move on, I guess.

All of you Mulvaney supporters, are you going to protect him on his money-making ventures? He knew; you can’t say he just got lucky with no back-room signatures.

I moved here to be in the country and in this school system. I hate it here now and have no intention of paying taxes to clean up someone else’s mess.

The few of us stuck up here on S.C. 75 don’t belong to anyone – Lancaster, Fort Mill or Waxhaw. No one cares about the roads, utilities or us.

The flooding has gotten worse and worse. Why? You’ve got uncontrolled growth all over this county and it is a mess.

I am selling. I am leaving, sadly. My country living dream has been corrupted by crime, politics and development.

Just wait until the new Walmart hurts all of the small business in the area as they always do, but, hey, that’s another column for another day.

Sheri Wright

Indian Land